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35th Anniversary

B&C Specialty Products began in 1980, building lightweight dependable parts for the home-built aircraft industry. Making its start with alternators, B&C has since developed starters and introduced Recombinant Gas batteries and is continuing to develop innovative and reliable products, and offer a superior long-term value.  Such an approach may not make our products the "cheapest," but that's not necessarily our mission.  Our emphasis has always been on providing quality products at a reasonable cost...and serving our customers well. 

B&C has also developed products that were needed for production aircraft. Many of our parts are STC's and PMA'd for installation on your aircraft. B&C has developed stand-by power systems as standard equipment on new Bonanzas, Pipers, and Mooney's.

B&C provided alternators and regulators for both the Voyager round-the-world flight in 1986 - and again on the White Knight high-altitude aircraft, which carried the SpaceShipOne aloft for its flights into outer space, in 2005.  These history-making projects required mission-critical reliability, and rock-solid performance.  We are proud to have been associated with them - and we salute the pilots, engineers, and visionaries that made each of these remarkable achievements possible!

B&C also provides electrical system supplies for aircraft including switches, wire, terminals, connectors, circuit breakers, fuses and fuse holders, panel lamps, tools, and more.  Look closely, and one of the differences you'll notice between B&C and "the other guys" has to do with completeness.  From time to time we'll hear from a builder who bought switches or contactors or similar parts from "the other guys," only to find that they didn't get everything they really needed.  Strange how those bargain switches didn't include lockwashers....or anti-rotation tab washers...or button guards; and that cheap contactor didn't include spike-suppression diodes.  Those little "extras" cost....well, extra.  Our approach is different: if it's a part you're going to need in a typical installation, we try to include it - period.  It's just one way we try to serve you more effectively...and more completely.

Bill Bainbridge founded B&C Specialty Products, and now his son Nathan Bainbridge runs the business. Nathan is committed and excited to carry on his father's legacy by continuing to serve our customers with high quality products and excellent support.