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RV-10 Complete Performance Bundle

Price: $2,860.00
Price: $2,460.00
You Save: $400.00 (14 %)
Item Number: RV-10 Bundle

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BC460-H Alt w/Boss-Mount Brckt for use with Single-Groove Flywheel Pulley ($2,460.00)
BC460-H Alt w/Boss-Mount Brckt for use with Dual-Groove Flywheel Pulley ($2,460.00)

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RV-10 Complete Performance Bundle

Save over $400.00 with our RV-10 Complete Performance Bundle bundle!  We've combined six high-quality "essentials" in a single package to offer you an even better value.

Bundle includes: Lycoming Starter, BC460-H Alternator with installation hardware, LR3C-14 Regulator and installation kit, BC410-H Standby Alternator and .75" Spacer Kit, SB1B-14 Regulator and installation kit, BC700-H Oil Filter Adapter and 1.4" spacer kit, and (2) current limiters and matching bases.

The B&C Starter for Lycoming Engines 

Our original (and only) Lightweight Starter for Lycoming engines.  First introduced to General Aviation in 1986, the B&C Starter remains the industry benchmark for quality and performance.

Lightweight Starter for Lycoming engines


 The B&C Alternator for Lycoming Engines

The BC460-H Alternator is the "next generation" 60-amp alternator you've been waiting for!  The new unit of choice for those wanting a durable, “no-compromises” alternator. Supplied with Boss-Mount (Wide-Deck) installation hardware, high-performance belt, and pre-wired field connector assembly.

BC460-H Alternator


The B&C Alternator Controller/Regulator

Our LR3C-14 Alternator Controller/Regulator.  This innovative device is a direct descendant of the regulator that wrangled electrons for the historic (and non-stop) Voyager flight around the world.  Features linear regulation, solid-state over-voltage protection, and low-voltage warning.

LR3C-14 Alternator Controller/Regulator


The B&C BC410-H Standby Alternator 

Our BC410-H Alternator.  This innovative, high-performance alternator mounts on an available vacuum pump accessory pad, producing up to 20-30 amps at cruise RPM.  



The B&C Standby Alternator Controller

Our SB1B-14 Standby Regulator/Controller.  Purpose-designed to provide standby alternator control, this unit offers the benefits of linear (electrically “quiet”) regulation, and solid-state over-voltage protection.


The B&C 90-Degree Oil Filter Adapter

Our 90-Degree Oil Filter Adapter.  Purpose-designed to provide the benefits and convenience of a spin-on oil filter, without complicated hoses and leak-prone fittings, this unit offers the opportunity for a mess-free oil change.

As a bonus, we will also include a sample electrical system diagram, and a FREE copy of Bob Nuckolls' book, The AeroElectric Connection (12th edition).

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