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Continental Starter, (Homebuilt)

Price: See Below
Item Number: BC320 (Homebuilt)

Product Options

BC320-H (12v) w/ FK501-1 kit to replace existing Key-Type Starter ($608.00)
BC320-H (12v) w/ FK501-3 kit to replace existing Pull Cable-Type Starter ($618.00)



Better by Design

The B&C Starter for Continental engines (C-75, C-85, C-90, O-200, IO-240, and O-300-A, -B, and -C) solves all the problems that other starter designs have had—worn-out clutches, broken pinions, nagging oil leaks, and catastrophic failure modes. Featuring the durability of all-steel gears and heavy-duty ball-bearings, and the efficiency of a high-torque series-wound motor, the B&C Starter for Continental engines provides greater starting torque, while saving 4.3 to 5.2 lbs. over the old key-type and pull-cable type starters (respectively).

Since its introduction in 1994, the B&C Starter for Continental engines has established an impressive service record as the ONLY starter design on the market that has provided reliable, long-term service for these engines. In fact, many engine shops and flight schools use this starter exclusively, as well, due to its proven reliability and long service life.

The B&C Starter for Continental engines is STC-PMA approved for use in certificated aircraft, and is available with or without the STC. Two installation kits are also available—one for replacing a key-type starter, the other for replacing a pull-cable type starter.

If you are replacing a key-type starter, you will need Installation Kit 501-1. Before installing the BC320, a needle bearing will need to be removed from your engine.  To aid in removing this needle bearing, you may purchase Needle Bearing Removal Tool Kit 501-2 for $100.00. You may return this tool kit when finished and be refunded $80.00.

If you are replacing a pull-cable starter, you will need Installation Kit 501-3. Before installing the BC320, you will need to cut off the 9/16” steel shaft that is installed in your engine case.

The B&C Starter for Continental engines: proven performance, unmatched reliability—by design.


To order the BC320-2 (12v Counter-Rotating) or BC320-3 (24v) versions of our Continental Starter, please call us!

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY


Click the links below for more information about the BC320-H starter:

Outline Drawing

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

Pull Cable-Type Installation Instructions

Key-Type Installation Instructions

Needle Bearing Puller Instructions

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