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PM/OV Filter and OV Protection Kit (14v) (Rotax/Jabiru)

Price: $103.00
Price: $80.00
You Save: $23.00 (22 %)
Item Number: 506-1

This 14 volt kit provides over-voltage protection to a permanent magnet alternators rated at 30 amps or below (such as those found on Rotax and Jabiru engines).
Comes with a clear-yellow warning light (S888-1-4) that will illuminate if the crowbar over-voltage protection module (OVM-14) is tripped, or if the alternator switch is left off. Includes a 22,000 electrolytic filter capacitor (S8007-3) to reduce radio noise and enhance regulation, along with a cushioned clamp (MS21919-WDG32) for mounting, an in-line fuse holder (IFH-2), a 1N4005 diode, and sealed 40A relay with terminals (S8009-1).
The 506-1 Kit is valued at $103.00 when the included items are purchased separately.